Minor Paint Correction

Paint Correction is where the transformations really start to happen. This service is designed for both new and used cars, where light to medium defects are present. In our experience, most brand new cars will require Minor Paint Correction to rectify poor dealership preparation, storage abrasions and marks caused in the shipping process. Used cars also benefit from Minor Paint Correction due to the cutting ability of the machine polishing process which removes years of wear and tear on the paintwork.

A single stage machine polish is carried out, removing light to medium defects, whilst also refining the paint to enhance the gloss and clarity, improving on factory standards prior to coating application. This process will remove swirl marks, light blemishes, chemical etching and other various paint defects. If your vehicles paintwork is heavily defected our Major Paint Correction package will be recommended!

Bespoke Detailing, Cheshire Based Leading Midlands Detailing Studio - Minor Paint Correction Detail

Minor Paint Correction breakdown

  • Pre rinse and Snowfoam
  • Arches and door shuts degreased
  • Exterior wash using 2 bucket method & quality wash mitts
  • Tar removed from bodywork & trim
  • Industrial fallout removed from bodywork & trim
  • Vehicle clay barred to remove bonded contaminants such as tree sap
  • Paintwork, shuts & wheels dried using quality microfibre towels & compressed air
  • Exterior paintwork cleansed & polished by hand
  • Vehicle placed on scissor lift & wheels removed
  • Wheels receive a 3 stage cleansing, brake dust & grime removed, tar removed & an Iron Fallout process to dissolve burnt on brake filings
  • Sensitive edges, plastics and trims masked
  • Single Stage Minor Paint correction is carried out to remove light to medium defects, enhancing gloss and clarity
  • Panel wiped to remove residue from polishing stages and inspected prior to coatings
  • Ceramic Coatings applied to the paintwork and infrared cured
  • Ceramic Coatings applied to the wheels, faces and barrels
  • Ceramic Coatings and dressings applied to the grills and trims
  • Exterior glass sealed to help improve wet weather visibility
  • Exhausts polished and heat resistant coating applied
  • Wheels refitted and tyres dressed

Optional engine bay package:

  • Engine bay cleaned and degreased
  • Plastics sealed to repel dirt build up

Optional interior package:

  • Interior vacced
  • Plastics wiped
  • Glass cleaned
  • Fabric coat applied to mats and carpets
  • Leather coating applied to interior leather surfaces


For the ultimate paint protection package, our Paint Protection Film kits combined with a Ceramic Coating package will keep your vehicle in like new condition for the foreseeable future. Bespoke Detailing are proud to be apart of the elusive Carpro Cquartz Accredited Detailer programme. With only 200 installers worldwide the network is a closed circle of likeminded perfectionists, that can offer the very finest quartz coatings to their clients.

Bespoke Detailing Cheshire - Car Pro Packages - CQuartz Finest Reserve

Carpro Cquartz Finest Reserve

Cquartz Finest Reserve Is the pinnacle of coating technology. As with the rest of our Cquartz lineup, it’s a dual layer infrared cured ceramic coating. It offers a minimum 36 months of industry leading protection, hydrophobic properties and a jaw dropping gloss. Finest Reserve differs due to its Silica Resin hybrid design, this offers the highest level of performance and durability, ensuring the paint is protected against all environmental conditions. Cquartz Finest Reserve is only available to the accredited Carpro detailer network.

Bespoke Detailing Cheshire - Car Pro Packages - CQuartz Professional

Carpro Cquartz Professional

Professional is a dual layer infrared cured ceramic coating. It offers a minimum 24 months of high performance protection, super hydrophobic properties and a glass like visual appearance. It offers higher performance over Cquartz 3.0 due to its flourocarbon composite material infusion, which creates a denser protective quartz layer to shield your paint from the elements. Cquartz Professional is only available to the accredited Carpro detailer network.

Bespoke Detailing Cheshire - Car Pro Packages - CQuartz Carpro Cquartz 3.0

Carpro Cquartz 3.0

Our entry level coating package for your paintwork. Even at entry level Cquartz 3.0 is a dual layer infrared cured ceramic coating. Its hydrophobic performance, appearance enhancing properties and protective capabilities make it the best performing entry level coating on the market. With the correct maintenance this coating is expected to last for approximately 18 months.

Bespoke Detailing Cheshire - Car Pro Packages - CQuartz Wheels & Glass

Wheel & Glass Package

A high temperature permanent wheel coating designed to keep brake dust at bay with strong hydrophobic properties, making for effortless maintenance. The technology used in this product has many similarities to a silicon nitride ceramic, used by NASA in for the construction of rocket engine nozzles. Cquartz Flybe is applied to the glass to repel water and contaminants, aiding vision in bad driving conditions.

Bespoke Detailing Cheshire Paint Protection Film (PPF)
Bespoke Detailing Cheshire Paint Protection Film
Bespoke Detailing Cheshire Paint Protection Film (PPF)