Our most advanced detail available here at Bespoke, striving for ultimate perfection. The level of detail which goes into our Major Paint Correction service makes it a highly time consuming process, hours of numerous machine polishing stages to chase out every defect, making the paint sharp and glossy, to the very highest standard.

The results are unbeatable from this time consuming process. It differs from our Minor Paint Correction service in that it has dedicated cutting and polishing stages, followed by the necessary refining stages, instead of one combined process. This allows us to chase the deeper scratches, swirls and other defects that may be present on the paintwork. Both the cutting and refining stage will be repeated multiple times until the ultimate finish has been achieved.

Paint correction is not to be taken lightly. It requires a depth of knowledge and skill to be able to perform this process to safely remove and achieve flawless results. This process will remove upto 99% of defects safely through using a machine polisher, completely transforming your vehicle.
There’s a choice of 2 protection systems in this service, Ceramic Coatings or Natural Waxes. A protected car will be noticeably easier to clean, as the waxes and coatings repel contaminants and grime, making every aspect of maintaining the vehicle effortless.

Ceramic coatings are at the pinnacle of automotive car care, they have become hugely popular in recent years due to their durability, gloss enhancing and hydrophobic properties. They are a hardy barrier against the most stubborn of contaminants, such as tar, sap and bird lime. A typical ceramic coating will last for 2 years with the correct maintenance.

Natural waxes are a traditional method of protecting painted finishes, they provide high levels of gloss and depth, whilst offering up to 6 months worth of durability.

Major Paint correction breakdown:

  • Pre Rinse and Snowfoam
  • Sills and door shuts cleaned
  • Arches washed and cleaned
  • Washed using a quality wash mitt via the 2 bucket method
  • Tar and Iron fallout removed from the paintwork
  • Paintwork claybarred to remove bonded contaminants, sap, tar and industrial fallout deposits left behind from the previous chemical process
  • Dried, using compressed air and plush microfibre towels
  • Vehicle placed on scissor lift
  • Wheels removed to receive a 3 stage cleansing, brake dust and grime removed, tar removed and an iron fallout process to dissolve burnt on brake filings
  • Sensitive edges, plastics and trims masked
  • Multiple machine cutting stages performed to remove heavy defects
  • Multiple machine refining stages performed to remove paint hazing from the cutting stages, boosting gloss and sharpness to perfection
  • Panel wiped to remove residue from polishing stages and inspected prior to coatings
  • Ceramic Coatings or Natural Waxes applied to the paintwork
  • Ceramic Coatings or High temperature wax applied to the wheels, faces and barrels
  • Exterior glass sealed to help improve wet weather visibility
  • Ceramic Coatings or natural waxes applied to grills and trims
  • Exhausts polished
  • Wheels refitted and tyres dressed

Optional interior package:

  • Interior vacced
  • Plastics wiped
  • Glass cleaned
  • Fabric surfaces sealed to aid maintenance and reduce grime buildup
  • Leather treated and sealed to aid maintenance

£ P.O.A

Minimum time required: 4 days

We will need to inspect the vehicle prior to this service.

Bespoke Detailing Cheshire Major Paint Correction Detail
Bespoke Detailing Cheshire Major Paint Correction Detail
Bespoke Detailing Cheshire Major Paint Correction Detail